So at the weekend we had a family trip to Bristol to go to the Science museum and the planetarium.

The science museum was good with lots of things for Izzy to get hands on with…It could probably do with a bit of an update as it was beginning to look a little bit tired but still well worth the money.

There are all kinds of experiments to do from making your own animations, to huge bubbles, to learning about the human body.
I have to say though that my favourite bit was the planetarium…It was proper awe inspiring and amazingly done in 3D.  I know it reawakened my interest in the night sky and Izzy looked genuinely impressed as well!!  There was even a bit at the end where they put up all the constellations with pictures overlayed and allowed you to take picturesWe finished the day with a nice meal and returned home having had a lovely day all together.


Swimming Lessons

So Izzy and I go swimming on a regular basis but she has been struggling on the last hurdle to swimming on her own, so we decided to enroll her in organised lessons….She was so nervous before going but she was brave and went along….

She did so well…she did everything they asked her to and she tried her very hardest…I think it’s one of those moments as a parent where it would be impossible to be more proud….

But I will let her tell you all about it….


So christmas this year was lovely…..Izzy got all the presents she wanted, we had a great time with the family, and I wasn’t at work…..I will let the videos and the pictures below tell the story of the Carter Christmas 2016



So this years Christmas celebrations are well under way…

It started with Izzys school play…this year she was a dancing angel and once again it was great to watch.Izzy was so enthusiastic during it…She was singing at the top of her voice and doing all the actions…It all made me feel very Christmassy…

We went and visited Santa which for some reason I have no pictures of…

Carla and I went to see Frank Turner twice!! Including his 2000th showI have a crisp advent calendar which is by far the coolest advent calendar I have ever hadThen last weekend we had our annual Christmas meal with friends which this year was a 1970’s party instead…

​There was even a surprise visit from Phoney M

​Tonight we are off to see the Bootleg Beatles and then I have two night shifts before I am finished for Christmas….
If I don’t get a chance before then Merry Christmas everyone and 2017 HAS to be better than this year..